Friday, June 10, 2005

a daY aT mY collegE

It was fun tracing those old paths. Spiced up by a cup of hot tea from the college canteen, lunch from the Lords restaurant, lime juice from the chechi's shop opposite to the main gate, a peep into the green room of the empty open air auditorium, a jump over the college wall, making fun of each others which was our favourite pass-time three years back, giving a complete scan, free of cost, to the fairer sex who were passing by and what not. For some time we felt we have reincarnated in our beloved CET. The place where we spent four years of our engineering life.

Ok, now the gang who did all these great things. Names apart, lemme concentrate on their professions. Two were lecturers teaching at two famous engineering colleges in Kerala, two were doing their MBAs at two prestigious b-schools in India, one was doing his MTech at another prestigious institution in India and one a software professional who recently got married and just returned from the US. Further to the famous adage, "Inside every man there is a child", we also proved that "Inside every man there is a nasty, mischievous, engineering college youth".

Each and every point of CET was saying something to me.

The ramp said, "This is the place where you rested your head on a girl's lap and the head of the department (HOD) came and took away your identity card."

The seminar room said, "Don't you remember the last series exam of your college life? You brought an alarm and fired it 15 minutes after the exam started. Later the alarm was confiscated by the professor. Did you get it back?"

The college bus said, "Ha ha ha, I still remeber you sitting on the seat next to the door. I know the reason. She usually get inside the bus through that door and you wanted to help her by holding her bag for her no? What happened to that crush?"

The canteen said, "Eight guys fighting for a single cutlet bought using the money from some one else. You guys still do that?"

The class room whispered, "There was a strike that day and some fight was going on outside the classroom. In order to see that you left the class whilst the professor was teaching. No one has ever done that. Before or after"

The corridor said, "I remember you putting a 100 rupees bet for taking 100 push-ups and failed miserably at 47 itself. It took two weeks for you to get well from the body pain right?"

The concrete bench said, "Its here that you gave a red rose to a lady, which was bought by someone else, on a valentines day which she didn't accept and apparently your crush saw that and both the things ended up in a mess."

When I heard all these from them, a laughter errupted in my lips. It turned its way to a nostalgic smile. And then I was thinking. In the fight for a career, for a life, I'm missing a world. A world created by such small small mischievous things. In this hectic life, if I would have gotten enough time atleast to remember those beautiful moments... I was still thinking...