Wednesday, October 10, 2007

St Thomas Condos

Going out for a vacation, this has become an unavoidable practice for many a lot. Yearly vacations, honey-moon trips or may be even corporate meetings are nowadays held at exotic locations. People are looking for locations that are serene and far away from the hassles of a city to get relaxation and peace of mind.

Found the site of St Thomas Condos, which gives information about the services (villas on a sea-side; for corporate meetings, as a wedding / honey-moon destination, yearly vacation) they are offering. The one thing I liked about the site was its appearance. The site is well designed. The various modern facilities offered by the company is clearly described in the website, due to which, for the user, it’s never a problem finding the information he is looking for. I liked the section, Top 10 reasons why one should choose them, very much. Quite unique from the sites you see in the internet.

I wish the site had an e-payment gateway with which the user could book the place online using his internet banking account or credit card. Much required if the person lives in some other country and wants to book the place for a visit in the future. I hope St Thomas Condos authorities will take care of this soon.