Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Of IT and Dieting

I used to be so thin at college that I always failed to manage the BMI requirements. 4 years into working in a job where I hardly move during office hours, I have grown to stay within BMI limits now; with a fat tummy though. Since I have managed the weight requirements only with a fat paunch, I know I still am a failure in the health department. Apparently, that is the case with most of the IT guys, due to the nature of their job!

Few of my friends have joined various weight loss programs like VLCC, Inspirations and Vibes where they have to spend a lot of time in working out and following a strict diet to lose weight. I was wondering what those people would do who can’t take that much time out of their busy work schedule. That is when I heard about diet pills in general and extreme acai berry in particular. Diet pills apparently have some fat burning ingredients in it that will drain extra fat from the body.

But how to know about the available diet pills in the market? Then I came across this diet pill review site that makes the selection easier. With their help a person can find out the exact pill he/she wants.