Thursday, March 27, 2008

Changing Times

Today, after a long time, I visited this blog and read a few of my previous posts. People say what one writes on his blog is a reflection of his personality. I don’t know how true that is, but the kind of change that had happened to me over a couple of years is evident from the posts I have written, compared to how my thought process goes these days. After all, I guess that’s the purpose of a journal or a blog; to allow for reminiscence and at times, comparison.

Last few days I got some free time to catch up with the latest happenings at my blog network, the ones who were active a couple of years back, the time when I too was in the foray. Sadly I realized that most of them have given up blogging, almost completely, just like me. But a few stalwarts are very much in action. I appreciate the spirit they posses, which I myself lack. But looking at the majority who had almost quit blogging, I feel, blogging also follows a life cycle, where old bloggers disappear in to their priorities and new ones enter into the arena. But blogging would stay and let it stay forever!