Thursday, March 27, 2008

Changing Times

Today, after a long time, I visited this blog and read a few of my previous posts. People say what one writes on his blog is a reflection of his personality. I don’t know how true that is, but the kind of change that had happened to me over a couple of years is evident from the posts I have written, compared to how my thought process goes these days. After all, I guess that’s the purpose of a journal or a blog; to allow for reminiscence and at times, comparison.

Last few days I got some free time to catch up with the latest happenings at my blog network, the ones who were active a couple of years back, the time when I too was in the foray. Sadly I realized that most of them have given up blogging, almost completely, just like me. But a few stalwarts are very much in action. I appreciate the spirit they posses, which I myself lack. But looking at the majority who had almost quit blogging, I feel, blogging also follows a life cycle, where old bloggers disappear in to their priorities and new ones enter into the arena. But blogging would stay and let it stay forever!


Geo said...

I came here thinking of asking you to post something and found a new one :) good…

So lets start it all over again…

renaissance ;)

bu ha ha ha ha

Geo said...

ninte post-l moderation idan nee aaru salma hayek-aa?

Jithu said...

hmm.. oru renaissance angu nadathiyalo? :-)

btw i changed some comments settings. athu comment moderation aakumennu vicharichilla.. ippo matti :-)

Jiby said...

very true man. some day i will also stop blogging...the reason i continued is that there were no priorities but that might change some day. yes, new bloggers took over from where you guys left, some good, some not so good. like you said its a cycle...but blogging is here to stay with or without us.

superb post man...i can see a renaissance coming!

MadV said...

Knock KNock..

Huh.. Long time not knocked at this place. May be now has turned to be a stranger.

The topic of this post has struck me now and am feeling the same. I used to peep at times but the so called priorities never allowed me to delve in deeper.

Yeah your language has changed a lot. And so is the thought process. Same here I guess. Trying hard for a reprise. Want to get back before more of the priorities gets dumped in and it turns difficult to even look back. Hmmm..

It is actually good to see that your blog is not that dry, though it is not the oasis for the traveler.