Monday, October 31, 2005


I was tagged by Milo for this quiz. It is to write 20 things about me. So here you go!

  • I am a slow eater. With a book and TV ON, once I spent around 4 hours (this is my record) eating my lunch. These days I can’t manage such long hours for food and hence I eat less.

  • I love books. In fact I have a personal collection of more than 200 books. When I was in Mumbai, the major part of my salary was used up in that way.

  • I am a perfectionist. I don’t mind spending hours and hours to rectify the smallest of the faults in something which I am doing.

  • I think a lot. In fact my mind can’t stay idle. Something or the other will tinker in my mind every time and I keep thinking about those; on and on.

  • I love solitude. I had a favorite location near my flat in Mumbai where I used to go when I become emotional.

  • I am committed in all my relationships. I stay with my friends till the end. And I can’t stand it when I realize that nothing of that sort is there from the other side.

  • I forgive but never forget. When I face something awful from a person, similar things he/she had done to me in the past come to my mind all of a sudden.

  • I am child like. Many of my friends say so and sometimes, I don’t think they are wrong.

  • I am a brand freak. I like to own branded items and I don’t mind paying a premium for those.

  • I am a lazy person in general but when I am faced with really demanding situations, I slog my ass off to achieve that.

  • I am a sensitive person. But yeah this changed a lot these days; may be due to those experiences which I had gone through.

  • I am friendly with everyone. I have very good relationships with others. People find it comfortable talking to me. And usually I am approached for favors.

  • I am sarcastic and witty and I bring smiles in gatherings. I have a very good sense of humor.

  • I am caring & believe me; my PM told me many times that I will make a good husband ;-)

  • I am candid and I like others also being open. I don’t mind others saying things openly to me even if it is for denying me something.

  • I am one damn lucky guy. Whenever I feel like my way is blocked, something or the other will happen and I will be through.

  • I like to learn new languages. This was my craze when I was young and I maintained a diary of alphabets and words of many languages. I tried to learn Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Kannada, Marathi and Japanese but failed half way through. I know Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English and French.

  • I hate contests because I hate competing with others and hence I had always kept myself away from competitions. In fact I am trying to change this now.

  • I know cooking. Well, I just start making dishes and somehow it will turn good at the end. Once in a while I cook dinner in my home, giving a break to my amma.

  • I am a leftist in my ideologies. But I don’t believe in left politicians or in fact politicians of any kind. Why doesn’t India be ruled by an able CEO and a bunch of zealous managers? India would’ve been one of the top most countries in the world then. Now you know my take.

  • I was a social activist and will be one, after this hiatus.
People I would like to take this quiz are, AF, Invincible, Sinusoidally, Geo and Chips. Guys its not binding. But I wish you people shall take this... :-)