Monday, October 31, 2005


I was tagged by Milo for this quiz. It is to write 20 things about me. So here you go!

  • I am a slow eater. With a book and TV ON, once I spent around 4 hours (this is my record) eating my lunch. These days I can’t manage such long hours for food and hence I eat less.

  • I love books. In fact I have a personal collection of more than 200 books. When I was in Mumbai, the major part of my salary was used up in that way.

  • I am a perfectionist. I don’t mind spending hours and hours to rectify the smallest of the faults in something which I am doing.

  • I think a lot. In fact my mind can’t stay idle. Something or the other will tinker in my mind every time and I keep thinking about those; on and on.

  • I love solitude. I had a favorite location near my flat in Mumbai where I used to go when I become emotional.

  • I am committed in all my relationships. I stay with my friends till the end. And I can’t stand it when I realize that nothing of that sort is there from the other side.

  • I forgive but never forget. When I face something awful from a person, similar things he/she had done to me in the past come to my mind all of a sudden.

  • I am child like. Many of my friends say so and sometimes, I don’t think they are wrong.

  • I am a brand freak. I like to own branded items and I don’t mind paying a premium for those.

  • I am a lazy person in general but when I am faced with really demanding situations, I slog my ass off to achieve that.

  • I am a sensitive person. But yeah this changed a lot these days; may be due to those experiences which I had gone through.

  • I am friendly with everyone. I have very good relationships with others. People find it comfortable talking to me. And usually I am approached for favors.

  • I am sarcastic and witty and I bring smiles in gatherings. I have a very good sense of humor.

  • I am caring & believe me; my PM told me many times that I will make a good husband ;-)

  • I am candid and I like others also being open. I don’t mind others saying things openly to me even if it is for denying me something.

  • I am one damn lucky guy. Whenever I feel like my way is blocked, something or the other will happen and I will be through.

  • I like to learn new languages. This was my craze when I was young and I maintained a diary of alphabets and words of many languages. I tried to learn Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Kannada, Marathi and Japanese but failed half way through. I know Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English and French.

  • I hate contests because I hate competing with others and hence I had always kept myself away from competitions. In fact I am trying to change this now.

  • I know cooking. Well, I just start making dishes and somehow it will turn good at the end. Once in a while I cook dinner in my home, giving a break to my amma.

  • I am a leftist in my ideologies. But I don’t believe in left politicians or in fact politicians of any kind. Why doesn’t India be ruled by an able CEO and a bunch of zealous managers? India would’ve been one of the top most countries in the world then. Now you know my take.

  • I was a social activist and will be one, after this hiatus.
People I would like to take this quiz are, AF, Invincible, Sinusoidally, Geo and Chips. Guys its not binding. But I wish you people shall take this... :-)


Thulasi said...

jithu ,CEO rulers, selction is here,

" Well, if you look at the founders of Infosys — Narayana Murthy, myself and five other colleagues — we were all from middle-class, humble backgrounds. And all of us with some kind of links in our early days... with a Leftist kind of a background... At IIT, we were all Leftists. Murthy was a Leftist. So, we are really Leftists-turned-capitalists "

Infosys CEO Nandan Nilekani

sheela_b said...

jithU:It is interesting that your answers sorta sound like me myself!ha!:-)

divya said...

20 things abt urself.....hmm....
u seem like a decent guy!:p!
anyways nice to know more abt u!
n i really liked the first comment..think i have read that before!
Also, Happy Diwali

Jithu said...

> thulasi
that was great.. u knw what, i too was a leftist in my college days.. and during my campus interviews donno how the person who interviewed me asked me abt my ideologies. after knowing my left inclination he asked me, with leftist ideologies in my mind, hw can i serve a company which believes solely in capitalism.. i replied like this, leftism is not a bad thing, if u think like that. that is the reason why India is a mixed economy that has taken many aspects from socialism as well as capitalism.. Being an Indian and hence having a fairly good knowledge about capitalism coupled with my knowledge in socialism, i think i can serve ur company better.. fraud reply huh!! ;-)) Happy Deepavali..

> sheela_b
really? hm.. that sounds cool! hey why dont u take the same quiz? Happy Diwali..

> divya
hmm.. decent?? me??.. i dont think so.. :-)) Happy Deepavali...

L.I.C said...

I like what I'm hearing!

Sonia said...

you forgot modest! :P ;o)

milo said...

hey! i hadnt evn strtd preparing....i passed without givin a test;-)

xtremely_insane said...

yuhooo. came across ur blog and so,read ur tag post.many similarities between us i must say.
good description!

AF said...

wow!!! soooo many many similarities b/w u and me...""same piches"" for all these similarities...Hehe!! ican tell my hubby and mom that there is someone else who has habits like not alone...hehe!!..good to read!
thanks for asking me too to take the quiz!

Jithu said...


> sonia
i'm modest enuf not to put that u know. :p

> milo
ha ha.. i think u r lucky :-)) btw thnx for tagging me.. A Happy diwali and new year..

> xtremely_insane
hmm.. thts great.. bt i think u reached here at the wrong time ;-) looking forward to see u again.. Have a nice diwali and new year.

> af
hey thts cool! hmm.. but threat to my uniqueness :-(( Wishing u a happy diwali and new year..

sinusoidally said...

You forgive but never foget...isn't that as good as not forgiving?!

>|' ; '| said...

i wish i had some bits of luck in my life
but then, being outa luck makes one go tough!

>|' ; '| said...

happy Kerala Piravi!!

Thulasi said...

jithu,happy diwali and kerala piravidinam

Jithu said...

> sinusoidally
hmm.. all those sequences just come to my mind. but i dont do anything coz i have forgived :-)) hey happy diwali and i hope u'd take that quiz..

> poison
hmm.. its this luck that holds me from becoming an atheist.. kerala piravi dinashamsakal!! and a happy deepavali.. :-))

> thulasi
Happy Deepavali man.. Oppam Kerala Piravi Dinashamsakalum!

chips said...

'I am one damn lucky guy'. well..its nice to finally see one person who admits that...and not crib abt bad luck all the time. :-) and thanks for tagging me...hope u had a great deepavali!!

MS said...

interesting,lucky man. ;)

Jithu said...

> chips
hmm.. i think i shudnt worry abt what i dont have.. :-) so when r u gonna do that.. and yeah happy deepavali..

> ms
ha ha.. well there are unlucky things as well.. but fate is not under our control right, so i just leave it :-))

tangy said...

well dat gives a lot bout wat a person u r and who is dis PM!!!

manjari said...

hi jithu...i think i saw most of myself while going thru your post

Praveen said...

those are pretty candid observations you have made about yourself :)

Jithu said...

> tangy
hmm... :-) PM is Project Manager..

> manjari
hmm... i thot that i was so very unique kind of a person.. anyways nice to know that :-))) and welcome to unCERTAINty!!

> praveen
hmmm.. thankx :p

Ganja Turtle said...

Not bad at all...quite surprised to see that there are people who read Proust around...Essence of u was too "metrosexually" sensitive so preferred to skip over it...however your other blogs were cool...esp the one proust/making ice cream - if it had become jus a bit more cornier, would be ideal for a tamil movie scene...but thankfully isnt...probably cuz it genuine...Cheers!

Ganja Turtle said...

Uh oh...metrosexually sensitive didnt refer to "essence of u" - rather that 2o things abt me quiz...

injinuity said...

EATING SLOW....guess we have one common trait.. food is to be enjoyed... even I eat slow.. I am always the last to finsh... maybe its also to got to do with the fact that I talk a lot too in the midst.

Fursat said...

you spent 4 hours in ur lunch...huh...thats much time do u take to swallow one piece..hehe :P

its nice list..sensitive..witty...

me too cant forget anything which has hurt me badly...and cant forgive even...

nice list...

good...take care

God bless u !

Jithu said...

> ganja turtle
proust thingy, yeah.. actually i read that excerpt during my engg, some 3-4 years back.. tamil movie stuff.. lol.. thnx for passing me in that genuineness test.. :-) yeah i got the metro-sexual thingy.. :-)

> injinuity
thts the point man.. u shud enjoy the food, not gobble it up.. so here i find a company rt.. :-))

> neetie
well i read a page of a book, take a helping, nother page, nother helping.. he he.. hey i think u hv to forgive ppl.. ;-))

venus said...

u wouldn't need to sit with paper to prepare your matrimonial, this would work better than anything u come up with :P:P

nice to know about you, I'm just joking.. u do seem like a decent guy!

Jithu said...

> venus
ha ha.. hey that turns to a nice idea in deed! v can have matrimonial blogs in future!! decent guy! me! wanna have second thoughts on it lady? :p

KG said...

no news long time...

Jithu said...

> KG
yup dey, i'm back.

niki yokota said...

ehhh? tried to study greek and japanese also(^o^);;
thats very strange! how come??
thank u anywayzz!!

Jithu said...

> niki
yup i tried to learn japanese.. :-) but some how cant proceed with that. :-( have to try it once again..