Saturday, November 05, 2005

confuseD oF solutionS

We have an internal electronic discussion board (DBabble) here. The following post and replies appeared in one of its Notice Boards yesterday. Thought that it would be worth sharing. Needless to say, one of the replies was mine. Up to you to find out which one was that. ;-p

Q. Might sound strange, but any solutions to stop red ants from attacking your keyboard?

A1. He he he.. wrong Notice Board!
A2. U should probably stop snacking in front of the keyboard.
    AA2. Me not snacking, they have a liking towards the rubber inside.
        AAA2. Spill food stuff all over your room, they will leave the keyboard.
A3. Take a red marker and highlight the following keys, <'D' 'E' 'A' 'D' 'E' 'N' 'D'> or <'F' 'U' 'C' 'K' 'Y' 'O' 'U'>
        AA3. Tried, but two problems. 1) Only one 'E'/'U' on my keyboard. 2) Ants were not able to read such large alphabets.
                AAA3. Look at the 'Insert', 'Home' keys. They have more alphabets and are small.
                AAA3. Or better mark the 'Windows' key.
A4. Draw a Lakshman Rekha around the keyboard or whatever is being attacked.
        AA4. Wow!!! Mythology and Technology going hand in hand!
                AAA4. Or ignorant technology geeks. Lakshman Rekha is a product to ward off ants.
A5. Attack them instead! Attack is the best defence.
A6. Use 'Ant'ibiotics.
A7. Contact the pest control people for fogging the keyboard.
A8. Get a lady Ant and place her somewhere away from the keyboard!
        AA8. How do I know whether the ant I got is a lady ant.
                AAA8. Watch where they go at nite; Get the ones that go to girls' dorms (hostel).
                        AAAA8. Those would be male ants!


silverine said...

HILARIOUS!!!! This is was so funny lol. The answers are so damn cheeky and clever :))

Thanu said...

So funny responses. I think u r one with lakshman rekha.


kickassso said...

i think youre AAAA8:P
btw..I'm the ant killing expert!
killed entire farms during my summer vacations>:)
method #1) leave an exposed wire with sugar around it. arrange for some circuitry to send a high voltage pulse at intervals!(i did it manually and used a gas lighter)
#2) simple kiddie trick -use amagnifying glass and sunlight
#3) sadistic kiddie trick- use kerosene or spirit in a dropper and watch em ants curl up an die >:)
OH and these methods are proven to work!

sheela_b said...

I guess you are the A2 and A4, aren't u? Funny Post:-)

sinusoidally said...


AF said...

hehe! good!

Krishanu said...

rib-tickler! so what was the final solution? a mystic witch doctor put a curse on the F11 button?

Ganja Turtle said...

LOL...and these disc boards are supposed to improve work productivity!

Have this feeling that you might be A5...more subtle...

A pity noone has yet suggested using the mouse to eat up the ants...

Kickasso's comments reminds of me of all these serial killer characters in the US whose one common charectersitic is that they tortured animals when they were the dark lurk a lot....of ant-killers ;-)

silverine said...

@ganjaturtle: You just sized up kickasso so well!! lol :))

>|' ; '| said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
>|' ; '| said...

breed a bunch of killer antlions(kuzhiyaanas)in the keyboard, to get rid of them pesky ants...

i can vouch that kickassso has done some of the antics, which he has listed, in real life...
and if he is gona become a serial killer, he will probably kill serials...

Praveen said...

LOL :). I think your answer might be A2, just a wild guess :).

Mirage said...

LOL!! Red Ants!! I knew they were a menace...but this is ridiculous!! haha!!

And i think ur AAA8...well r u?!

Jithu said...

> silverine
no match to ur posts lady.. :-))

> thanu
yup it were.. but thanu, as far as my reply is concerned, u got it slighta wrong.. :-(

> kickassso
daaai.. agreed that i'm not that straight forward.. bt not way too much either.. :p
btw i guess u r happy with the reply of ganja turtle.. lol.. :p

> sheela_b
hmm.. i think i have to disappoint u.. :-( bt yeah nice try!!

> sinusoidally
hey.. thnx party girl..

> af
:-) seems u hv nother suggestion/reply to the question i posted.. ;-)

> krishanu
managers can't come up with any solutions, they can just pour in more and more gyan.. tht was some self-critisism from me!! :-))

> ganja turtle
improving productivity.. he he.. hey btw i am studying now, not working.. yeah productivity counts here as well. i'm sorry that i'm not A5.. :-)) well it was great kickin the ass of kickassso!! :p

> poison
nice option.. bt who will remove the antlions colany then.. :-( kickassso, the baton is urs u knw tht!! :p

> praveen
hmmm.. nopes man.. i'm no A2.. :-(

> mirage
very true.. these shit creatures take a ride on my clothes sometime.. well u came close in the answer, bt me no AAA8 as well.. nice try though.. :-)

PS: guys u didnt find my reply till now.. :p

chips said...

Lol...really funny! Hmm...I'd thought that urs was the lady ant comment...but since thats been struck down, lemme try somethin abt A6? (I see nobody's tried that yet!!)

divya said...

nice use to the notice board!:D
well by method of elimination of wat has been eliminated by u......or simply from prev comments......a6??!!!
bye for now,

Jithu said...

well i think ppl got it wrong some where.. i was considering AA8 and AAA8 as separate replies. so elimination of AAA8 doesnt eliminate AA8 :-) i think i have to break this stuff here.. :-) so here u go.. my reply was A8.. :-))

> chips
hmm.. :-) if u meant A8 as the lady ant comment, then yes it was mine.. :-)

> divya
ha ha.. w/o things like this, there is no fun in life u knw.. btw now u got my answer rt.. :-))

venus said...

do u really want us to reveal/guess your true personality after a goodie goodie, prev post?? :P
okay, i won't point you out here :)

Thulasi said...

lots of "Jithus" in your company .

chips said...

yay!! so i got it right!! well...excuse me while i gloat over my victory...:-))

Jithu said...

> venus
ha ha.. even i thought about the same.. hmm.. but for one time, its okay i think... :-))

> thulasi
ha ha.. yeah true.. by the way i'm studying now, so the word company translates to institute.. lotsa Jithus in my institute.. athe athe... :-))

> chips
hmm.. so when are u gonna gimme a treat for this victory.. btw ur tag is pending u know that rt.. he he.. :-)

kickassso said...

Firstly @ganja turtle..GRRRR!

@poison...thanx dude ! know i can depend on ya anywhere :D

@jithu.. hehe if it were me, I'd have been proud to say that i posted AAAA8:D

If y'all love forum madness, I'd recommend that you check out these two!
slashdot discussions on
No more Women In space

Urine powered battery

kickassso said...

btw... better than sing A6, use your computers 'ant'ivirus instead!
or if you like programming, try a debugger:P
or if you have 24/7 net, just let it remain connected. the ants will get trapped in the 'web

Thulasi said...

jithu,guitar podithattiyeduththu ee sitilekku pokuka then clik jam&lesson,

Jithu said...

> kickassso
when u put the two links and all, i thought that u were a spam commenter and was abt to delete ur comment :-) btw the replies to the qns were good

> thulasi
hey that link was awesome.. thnx!! btw i'm learning it now.. that post i wrote long back was a resultant of it.. :-))

Invincible said...

ROTFL .. this was damn funny.
So much for the ants !!

may be someone shud start a discussion on politicians .. they r a greater nuisance.

Were u A6 or A8?

Kickasso's solutions r aw inspiring :))

manjari said...

fun to read post jithu

Jithu said...

> invincible
ha ha.. yeah.. politicians, yeah but one blog wud not be enuf to fill solutions then.. ;-) and mine was A8 btw..

> manjari..
hey thnx yaar.. :-)