Thursday, July 31, 2008


I feel very happy whenever I hear that someone has started a company. It doesn’t make a difference to me if that person is someone I know or I don’t know. To me, starting a company and taking it to success gives the same satisfaction that a farmer feels after he sows seeds and reaps produce or may well be that of a father/mother when he/she sees his/her child growing to a youth.

Starting something requires very much courage. It also has a social cause; of giving employment to few people. But I guess the sense of achievement one gets when he starts something and make it big is what that drives one to do that.

I was going through the website of BlogCamp Kerala, especially, through the list of attendees. I could see a lot of such young minds who have already taken the path of entrepreneurship. And it made me happy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home Lighting

My friend bought a new flat recently. He and his wife hired an interior designer for arranging their house. They were particular about the lighting of the house. Unlike before house owners nowadays put in a lot of effort on selecting light fixtures to be used in their houses so that their houses appear more appealing.

The couple would have visited about ten to fifteen shops before finalizing the chandeliers they wanted in the hall. Later they told me that it would have been great if there was a single place that had a large collection of light fixtures of various styles, price range and brands and that it would have been okay even if it is an online store.

Home lighting is something to be done with utmost care. And nothing like it when you find a place having thousands of such products available for you to choose from. After all a house is a place where you live and also it is really important to make it look good to your visitors.