Monday, August 25, 2008

Web Hosting

Ever since I started blogging, I have been using blogger as the platform. The main reason is that its service is available free of cost, for all you need is a Google account. Besides that, Google provides the basic stuff required for blogging. But being free also means having limited freedom. Apart from changing themes and adding or removing widgets, I am not able to do the kind of customizations I want in my blog.

There is not much of an option I have if I want to do a little more tweaking in my blog that’s hosted in platforms like blogger, word-press live-journal etc. A solution to this issue is to go for a custom domain name (URL) and buy some server space from a private web hosting company and have my blog hosted with them. But then there are a lot of private web hosting companies out there and how to choose the one I want?

That’s when I came across this site that has listed down the top web hosting packages available in the internet. The site gives an option for the user to filter out the kind of hosting he wants depending upon his personal needs. The site also gives the profile of the web hosting company. These entire features would make it easier for the user to finalize the web hosting company he shall go for.