Monday, August 29, 2005


“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” – This famous adage means a lot in the advertising industry. In the case of television advertisements the creator has the help of sound, words, changing imagery, changing expressions and graphical effects etc. to convey the idea correctly to the target audience. But in the case of print ads (those appear in newspapers, magazines etc.) there is an inherent limitation due to the nature of the medium. As a result print advertisements require much more talent and imagination. In my day today life, I come across certain print ads, which due to its amazing creativity, stand out from the rest. So I thought of making a repository of such ads by putting them in a blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, here I present before you, adMad.


tangy said...

nice pics...i mean ads.

manu said...

good that someone is discussing our profession. i always thought advertisement as a cursed profession. destined to tell lies. a graveyard where frustrated writers and artists turn up. maybe from a management student's point of view it is a great think to think about the strategy behind a communication, but from a professional's point of view i would have preferred the profession of a sheperd if given an option. but with a housing laon and a family to feed, i better be thinking communication strategies than posting comments on blogs.

Jithu said...

> tangy
thanx, but the credit goes to its creators :-)

> manu
hmmm... agreed that to certain extent, its like presenting something which not that good in an attractive guise to the customer. but from the creator's point of view, its an art to maximum exposure that ad..

btw manu, u r into communications profession?

silverine said...

As an ad person,I am glad to see this blog. Hope you guys keep updating with good creatives. My daily dose of ad-diction is Check out the 'Out of this World' index. Super stuff.

Jithu said...

> silverine
hey nice to know that (u r an ad person)!! btw i went to to check the ad mentioned by u.. thnx for that.. :-)