Friday, November 18, 2005

borN iN californiA

Michael Sullivan, the professional assassin, with his elder son, decided for the Road to Perdition, when his wife and younger son were killed by the same mafia he had worked for.

A year back, Viktor Navorski of Eastern Europe was stranded in The Terminal of John F. Kennedy airport for almost a year because his homeland erupted in a fiery coup while he was in air en route to America. According to the airport officials, he was carrying a passport from nowhere.

Chuck Noland who worked for FedEx was Cast Away from the main land subsequent to a plain crash in the sea. He had nothing but faith with him to escape from the remote island.

Joe Fox, owner of Fox Books couldn’t help himself whenever the computer screen said You’ve Got Mail. He didn't know that the mails were from the shop girl, just around the corner.

Captain John H. Miller, the man of courage and leadership, sacrificed his life for Saving Private Ryan.

Jim Lovell’s mission to the moon in Apollo 13 was faced with a few problems. Though the team couldn’t land on the moon, they were able to return safely.

Forrest Gump, all he does turns the best. And it seems, the path to success is being dumb.

Sam Baldwin and his mother-lost-son were Sleepless in Seattle and things changed when his son traveled all alone Trans America to the Empire State building to get a wife for his father.

Allen Bauer had an unthinkable affair with a mermaid whom he met during a voyage through sea in his childhood and years later his life was in a Splash.

Robert Langdon is on his way to crack The Da Vinci Code in March 2006 to unravel the secrets behind the Holy Grail and the descendents of Jesus Christ.

The first Tom Hanks film I saw was Splash, which was aired by Doordarshan long back as a Saturday night movie. I didn’t know that the name of the hero in that film was Tom Hanks then.

No other Hollywood actor would’ve acted in so wide a variety of characters, be it a true murderer in Road to Perdition or the refugee in The Terminal. Tom Hanks does all his characters with such a passion that sometimes I wonder how well he transforms himself and lives in to these characters.


sheela_b said...

Me first again!!! wowww!!!:-)

I love Tom Hanks!!!!! I love all his movies. Just saw his "sleepless in Seattle" again a couple of days ago when i was not supposed to do anything other than work! :-)

kickassso said...

i thought he was a bit overacting in forrest Gump

by the time cast away was released, he was plain pathetic

I donno what i have against tom, mebbe its just prejuice!

silverine said...

The first Tom Hanks movie I saw was 'BIG'. Don't miss this movie. I became a die hard Tom Hanks fan after this movie. He is the best.

pr!tz said...

Forrest Gump remains my all-time fave..

Surprised how you didnt mention his performance in "Green Mile"..

Jithu said...

> sheela_b
hmm.. congrats!! :-)) amazing actor he is. yeah all his movies are seeable multiple times.. btw Sleepless in Seattle is a sweet movie. :-)

> kickassso
I guess the character was like that. btw that is one of my favourite movies of TH. In Cast Away, i guess people were new to such an idea.

> silverine
oh cool! lemme see whether i can get a copy of BIG. hey thnx for suggesting it.. bingo! he IS the best! :-)

> pr!tz
one more TH fan.. :-) actually these are the movies of TH that i have seen. Hvnt seen Green Mile. Guess its also a movie i shudnt miss..

Invincible said...

I saw him first as a schoolboy turned BIG by the zoltar machine. Forrest Gump n Cast Away were sheer brilliance. Well, there is a touch of excellence in all his work. He shined in Catch me if u can as well.
I am excited to see him play Robert Langdon. That should be great to watch.

And you didnt share ur exp of O&M & the contest.

Invincible said...

Hey, what was the tag? I missed it altogether !

Krishanu said...

tom hanks is incredible! have you seen the comedies from when he was a bit younger? eg turner and hooch etc.

and how could you leave philadelphia out????

Praveen said...

Like Silverine, the first time I saw Tom Hanks was in Big. Great actor, I loved him in Forrest Gump

Ganja Turtle said...

Hey, thot it was Harrison Ford and Audrey Tatou in The Da Vinci Code...hmmm....

Forrest Gump - Yes
Cast Away - No
Saving Pvt Ryan -OOOOkie....
Apollo 13 - Yes
Splash - All i remember of that movie is that us kids werent supposed to watch it coz there was a scene of a lovely naked mermaid arising out of the waves....but anyway we did! ;-) Tom Who?

Jithu said...

> invincible
hmm.. i hv to see catch me if u can.. the O&M thingy, was a great experience.. worked with the guy who made the latest hutch ad (the flying sms thing) :-)) btw the tag is in the post name "I". :-)

> krishanu
nopes i hvnt seen that.. btw the movies listed here are those which i have seen. yet to see philadelphia.. :-)) turner and hooch too :-)) hey thnx for suggesting these yaar.

> praveen
i missed BIG. Forrest Gump, truly awesome movie it was..

> ganja turtle
no, its TH whos bringing Robert Langdon into life the The DVC. :-).. ha ha.. even i watch Splash when there was a restriction prevailed in my house ;-) rocking scenes it had *that time*... ;-))

sinusoidally said...

I finally did the tag you sent my way...finally!

tangy said...

seems like a big fan of Hanks!!!

Jithu said...

> sinusoidally
hey thats cool! i checked that :-) all in one go, huh! thanks...

> tangy
very much! :-)

Invincible said...

'I' got it :)
wud take it this week :)
So the next hutch ad's gonna be Jithu's idea :p

>|' ; '| said...

tom hanks is a great actor. most of his movies are pretty good. 'forrest gump' affected my life in many ways, i think. i have seen many of his movies, but never had the opportunity to see 'splash'.must procure it somehow..

btw i assume that u forgot his magnificent presence in 'philadephia'...

it was one of the best movies that he ever did. many people seem to be enamoured by 'the green mile'. but, hanks' role in wasnt a powerful one, and frankly, any other actor could have done it at par.

the only actor that i would place above hanks in the acting skills dept. would be johnny depp.

Jithu said...

> invincible
cool man! thnx for tht.. oh come on, i dont want to be an ad creator ;-) it requrires creativity!! ;-)

> poison
the movies i have listed here are the ones which i have seen. philadelphia, yet to see :-) so.. great to knw that u too admire the great actor!

Keshi said...

Forrest Gump was his BEST among the best...he is an ultimate actor who can live up to any character given to him...he's just brilliant!


Chips said...

I thought he did a great job in Forrest Gump. And I liked him in Catch me if u can too. Pretty contrasting performances, in both these movies, and each one equally impressive. You've got mail was just average. And he was seriously pathetic in Castaway and Saving Private Ryan.In castaway, I thought he was caricatured as a glorified bimbo. :-)) But he's a good actor, yes. A bit hyped, though, or so I've always felt. :-)

Divya said...

Well i like Tom Hanks or rather i have liked most of his movies.
u have to watch philadelphia......its a wonderful movie!
i liked forrest gump too....."life is a box of chocolates u never know what u r going to get".....
i didnt know that he is goin to play langdon..that wud be interesting...

manjari said...

tom hanks is great...loved him in philadelphia...can watch his movies again n again..

AF said...

when will the next post come up here?????!!!!!!!

Keshi said...

dun be lost will find ya somehow in the crowd :)

Thanks matey for dropping by...

Varkey said...

Am a big fan of Tom hanks and Meg Ryan
You've Got Mail
Sleepless in Seattle
Joe Versus the Volcano wasn’t all that good !

Forrest Gump is my fav movie

Philadelphia, Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan , Catch Me If You Can, The Green Mile , Cast Away are some of the other movies I liked

Hima said...

Tom hanks is simply awsome...
I cry every time i see forest gump... he creates magic.

Jiby said...

Like u said, his range of characters really sets him roomies were watching The Ladykillers where he spoke some and dressed in some weird victorian fashion a few days back and i wuz cursing my fate!

hope and love said...

hmmm he is gr8.. i loved castaway..

Jithu said...

> keshi
hey welcome to unCERTAINty :-) ha ha.. thts nice that u find out me frm that sea :-))

> chips
you've got mail was made seeing the success of sleepless in seattle. the same duo and all.

> divya
yeah i've to watch philadephia.. btw that sentence from FG even i admire that. then this dialogue which his mother says on her death bed, being the mother of Gump. "I don't know anything, But I was destined to do. And I did the best I could." its the opening sentence of one of my stories :-))

> manjari
thats really true of his movies

> af
hey mam, the author is bit busy these days. :-) but yeah hes cookin somethin here :-))

> varkey
ha ha.. the list is endless. great to see u here man :-)

> hima
hmm.. so true..

> jiby
ufffff! :-) i think i've to watch that..

> HnL
one men army in cast away.. huh!

kickassso said...

TAG youre IT :P

tangy said...

he was pretty good in Sleepless....& cast away...i just luvd him in dat...damn good actin'...i lost my count on hw many times ve seen these two movies.

Jithu said...

> kickassso
hmmm.. :-)

> tangy
ha ha.. so true.. both are great movies.. worth watchin multiple times. :-)

venus said...

That's the definition of a good actor, can act any kind of role with the same mastery! I love his acting, but havn't watched his all the movies you've listed here, have skipped couple of sad movies too. I can be sometimes of the group where they believe that we pay money to get entertained, not to be sad! I had to watch green miles cos a friend of mine wanted to, such a long and slow movie, I think I ZZZed the second part..

I loved his "The Terminal" I would watch it again too!

venus said...

btw, I've bought '5 Point Someone' for my collection, will read it soon. How did ya find it? I see it listed in your fav books list..

Jithu said...

> venus
i like the way in which he lives into those character.. but green mile he had a less role to play.. :-)

FPS is a nice book if there is a college student in ur heart and who can still appreciate the college life w/o any difficulties. some people didnt like it coz they say that things are fetched way far from normal. personally i liked the book very much.. i felt as if i was reliving my past life when i read that book..

Aslan said...

right. hez my fave actor. catch me if u can n' green mile were also good perfs.

Jithu said...

> kuts
welcome here man.. i didnt see CMIUC and TGM when i wrote the post. i saw those recently and i myself too liked it, making me a more stronger fan of Tom Hanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Simplicity complemented by enthusiasm. You write well. Emotional ..may be sensitive. Impulsive too.

that might not be I aint a reader.

But then we all are for others to read Aren't We?