Friday, December 09, 2005

Time just flies

Our fifth term had come to an end and now it’s one more term remaining for the convocation. Most of my friends are at their houses enjoying the break and homely food and I stayed back since I want to go to my house in January. Enough time for a recap of my past life while I laze around here, I also have to plan for my future. Placements are going to happen in March and we have to prepare our resumes before that, lots of contests and stuff are walling up which will all formally end on March 31st. Till then its kind of fun but after that I have to re-enter the corporate jungle. And the thought itself scares me.

Though I have to bury myself in huge case-mats and text-books during my studies, I don’t have to worry much about finishing my work and meeting deadlines, which I was more than indulged in while I was working. Well, there are submissions and deadlines and stuff here as well but it all happens by its own as if it is meant to happen, time to time. Student-life is a worry-free life indeed.

Nights are really cold these days. Times of India reported yesterday’s minimum temperature at Ahmedabad as 12.8 degrees. Ooty or Kodaikanal would be a comparatively warmer place now; I’m sure. Last year the temperature came down to 4 degrees in the peak of winter. But still it’s really fun to be in such a climate.

A cup of hot coffee from Café Tanstaafl (This is our cafeteria whose name expands to ‘There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch’) at 4 in the morning can do wonders in such a climate. It can drive away sleep if any, it can drive away cold, but along with that, it can bring in old memories. And believe me coffee and memories are a nice combination. You think about a beautiful moment of your life and then take a sip of coffee that’s steaming out into the foggy night; man, that is a delight. And then thinking about those bygone moments you blow gently over the cup, help the hovering steam to meet the dark-cold, for the next sip. Then I realize that it’s been almost two years now and like the steam in the cup of coffee, time just flies...


Thanu said...

I know exactly what moment ur are talking about. Every sunday morning Shekar and I take our cups and sit on ur deck and go over our last week. The coffee gets better by each sip and the last drop is mmmmmmm Good.

silverine said...

Nice bit of nostalgia :)I love my coffee too when going down memory lane.

>|' ; '| said...

i was like of the view that i wudnt miss cet when i leave it for good sometime later next year. now its pretty sad to know that the haunts would no longer be ours. most of us would be scattered all around the country in 8 months. a tinge of sadness at having to let go of the people i have come to know so close in 4 long years. hell, here i am talking about the future. who knows if we'll be there to see the future.

Jithu said...

> thanu
thts it :-) isnt it so relaxing and refreshing.. when u blow to the hot coffee, its like all ur worries are exhaled out with the air u blow out.. :-)

> silverine
thnx yaar.. time to start a coffee club :-)

> poison
when i was in the final year i was scared of missing CET and my friends a lot. but believe me, now that feeling doesnt exist in me anymore with the vigor it previously had. in the first year after we passed out we used to send mails and stuff but the fequency decreased as years passed.. thts life pal.. :-))

Praveen said...

wow, makes me wanna have a coffee break :)

MadV said...

Memories are always sweet. Coffee makes it sweeter. But to be honest buddy, I never got up so early to have a sip of hot coffee in a cold climate :-(.

Geo said...

4 AM

Jithu said...

> praveen
there u go :-)

> madv
thts true... coffee makes memories sweeter.. btw even i dont get up that early, but i sleep that late :-)

> geo
everyday :-(

aria said...

Ohh I'm a "tea" person - the pungent taste every morning tastes better when mom makes it n gives my morning a direction. When alone - a cup of tea often takes me in the lanes of bittersweet stories as astringent n refreshing as the brisk cup of tea itself.
Very nicely written stuff here .. :)

KESI said...

"Till then its kind of fun but after that I have to re-enter the corporate jungle. And the thought itself scares me."

- Well at least you can count on that good ole' cup of coffee to help you through life's hurdles. So be scared no more:-).

AF said...

iam also going through the same things now a days...exams ,books,coffees...

niki yokota said...

cafeteria is open at 4am?? lol
that sounds great, jithu!! the climate is almost same with tokyo. yay!!
take care, stay warm(^o^)/

Jithu said...

> aria
hmm.. yup tea would also give the same effect, takin u thru ur memories and refreshing u at the same time.. :-)

> kesi
ha ha.. i think i have to do that itself.. thnx for the suggestion there.. :-))

> af
doc, what happened? appearing for some test or something?

> niki
yes they are open till 4 in the morning.. such a nice climate it is.. isnt it? :-)

Keshi said...

time flies when ur having fun...thats what they say what exams r u talking abt :)


Mirage said...

Ah winters! My fav season of the year! Hey enjoy ur cuppa while its still hot... :)

tangy said...

hmmmm....time really flies dear!
its really sad dat we've to leave behind our school nd college days...nd then life becomes so -> home...dats social life...i really wld love to get together maybe in da near future wid my old folks.

hope and love said...

coffee & nostalgia..!
great combination..! great post..!

Jithu said...

> keshi
thts so true yaar.. well my exams just got over and now the break is on for the next term.. :-)

> mirage
i knw that.. a friend of mine was there at delhi for the last few days and after coming back, he said that its really nice climate there..

> tangy
hmmm... u r reminding me abt it again and again.. :-)

> HnL
thnx doc! :-)

sinusoidally said...

Reading it made me nostalgic as I too come closer to finishing my student days...

divya said...

rains n coffee r my combo nowadays....

Jithu said...

> sinusoidally
hmm.. co-nostalgizer! :-) yeah it hurts towards the end.

> divya
yeah i hear from my amma that in kerala its raining heavily.. somewhat, that climate is also of the same genre. :-)

bslitNlk said...

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