Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My new love

It was love at first sight ;-)

General Motors’ Chevrolet Aveo hits Indian roads tomorrow, March 23 2006. Priced at a lucrative 5.54 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi) for its base model, this premium mid-segment sedan will compete against existing cars in its category such as Honda City and Ford Fiesta, the segment top-two. GM, having a tough time to uphold their global number 1 position against Japanese car manufactures like Toyota and Honda, is aggressively targeting emerging markets such as India to maintain their revenues. The car is available in 4 variants with a deluge of advanced features. I particularly liked this color. :-)

In between I found this article about the history of Honda Motors. It’s an interesting read.


venus said...
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venus said...

when i was in india during diwali time, i had visited GM factory nearby to pick up someone from there. they were test driving these new models on the superb highways painted with zebra color patterns, and I also have clicked em in my camera, will post them some other time. let me tell ya, those zebra pattern painted Aveo and other cars looked very cool on the road though :)

silverine said...

The price is so nice. In fact at this price the car also looks nice :)

Chirikudukka said...

oooo thats one cool car..u know what my dream car is..the new eclipse...its really cool too...:)

>|' ; '| said...

looks nice!

is it a daewoo in disguise?


sajini said...

So, when you getting one of those? U think you can let me borrow it?

Geo said...

Nothing beats a Tata Safari Dicor :_))

hope and love said...

hmmm.. my hubby dear was drooling over its photograpgh..

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

Japaneese always do it better....but the comfort driving an american made is different...having some one used both, I am kinda sticking to GM ones...but when it comes to maintenance and upkeep japaneese vehicles are the best....they respond better to the harsh above 50 degree temperatures in the middle east....

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Maya Cassis said...

gorgeous.have always loved that color too

Sonia said...

hmmm, you already know how i feel about that car, but since i think you're actually gonna buy it (and in that colour) my lips are sealed! :D

tangy said...

Interesting! but dat colour is not so cool.

Invincible said...

The color looks stunning.

GM cars fall out on durability n gas efficiency against the japanese. The re-sell value is peanuts for a GM car !!

quills said...

Hmm...So your first love has been replaced by a faster, more hotter number eh? :)) I meant the Guitar. :)

But I guess anyone will fall for it. Real nice looking car. :)

Lost in trance... said...

ok, to each his own and all that.

but do not take a decision unless you see/test-drive it. its a common sight on the roads here, i'm suprised that the base model is priced almost 6 lax! it is cramped for space and its a chevy, which is more famous for its trucks. mmm...

MC said...

well i always had a concern about optra and now aveo as both are ultimately refined versions from the daewoo stable. but having used my dads optra for a while i think its pretty good. but frankly i would stick to a honda or toyota. ofcourse since its your dream, go get her! :) but think of changing it after two-three years max, coz people say they are not as reliable long term as well as there are concerns about its body strength.

Arz000n said...

Man...Im in luv with ur luv too...lets share ;)

illusion said...

hey everythin's good except for its sucks..absolutely tepid's been really long that i visited ur blog...came here to find it it looks even better...

Thulasi said...

its really a boring ad by prasoon joshi

MS said...

good choice,ur beloved is beautiful. :))
that article abt Honda is really nice.

Mirage said...


She's gorgeous!

Jithu said...

> venus
sure mam. looking fwd to see those pics. today i saw a review of ford fiesta and chevrolet aveo in cnn ibn. according to them aveo sucks in power but royal in interiors.

> silverine
ha ha. yeah even the ford ikon at a revised price of 4.69 lacs looks good too :-)

> ann
hmmm. :-) all the best to u to own ur dream car.

> poison
its from the opel studios released under the cheverolet brand.

> sajini
lending u? in ur dreams miss! :-))

> geo
isnt it like apples and oranges?

> HnL
doc, all i can tell ya is, "go get it"

> q8techdrive
hey, thnx for those valuable info.

> maya cassis
thnk god! at last i got one on my side. whattay color it is, isnt it? :-)

> sonia
i'm not going to buy it or in that color. :-) i always prefer a black car.

> tangy
hmmm :-(

> invincible
thnx man. so the count become three now :-) hey if the resale value is so low, y cant i go for a second hand GM. anyone willing to sell their Aveo? :-)

> quills
ha ha. yeah. she is hotter ;-)

> lost in trance
well, i dont know much abt that car and its performance. i felt it is good looking. :-)

> mind curry
honda is the best! undoubtedly! thnx for that advice pal!

> arzooon
i dont share my love. go get someone else ;-))

> illusion
yeah the reviews on the ad have been horrible :-( true, long time no see. so u r back into action i guess. :-)

> thulasi
true man. :-( it'd've been made better. who wants to hear boring conversations of saif and rani. that also for so long. creativity is only beautified by simplicity. what which prasoon forgot.

> ms
thx dude! :-)

> mirage
*whistled back*
u bet :-)

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