Friday, June 20, 2008

Next generation blogging

Today, with millions of blogs across the internet world, I guess blogging has finally come of age. When I started blogging, it was just an online journal; with out any additional features such as polls, RSS feeds, email subscriptions or anything like that as it exists today. Blogging has advanced so much so that I keep wondering where it would be a couple of years from now. What all features could various blogging platforms adopt so as to make blogs look more professional and feature rich? That’s when I came across! allows people to create their own free personal blogs. But what it makes them different from other blogging service providers is that, together with creating blogs, one can also upload photos, videos, pod casts etc. and also do chatting in their site. They also have community forums where people can discuss about a bunch of interesting stuff and access latest news from various geographies.

When it comes to blog posts, they also allow people to be selective on their individual postings; like if they want their posts to be public, private or viewable by selected people. All comes with an unlimited bandwidth for accessing the blog. I guess has taken blogging to the next level, which would be something other blogging service providers can learn from.


Uri Chachick said...

i don't see it as a next level of blogging. i see it as a portal which gives its users alot opf options.

here in israel we have many of that kind like Portal or

voth of them had forums, chats, videos, etc. and only then developed blogs (as they bacame so popular). also provides picture uploading and more...

izmir evden eve said...

thank you for sharing