Friday, August 01, 2008

Numerology mania

These days Bollywood films release with strange names. By strange names I mean Singh is Kinng, Kismat Konnection etc. Guess you got it. The English words in these movie names are distorted based on suggestions from certain numerologists, who predict that if king is written as kinng and connection as Konnection, the movie will gross in the box office! Now, that is awful!

I’ve never heard of any film that’s made decently becoming a flop in theatres. If that is the case, I feel film makers, instead of working hard to make good films, are focusing their attention on such petty stuff as numerology and sorts and then making bad films which flop anyways.

Ekta Kapoor’s ‘K’ mania is another example, where all of her serials start with the letter ‘K’. So much so that the great epic of India becomes ‘Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki’ now!

When language, culture etc. are tainted for the inability to make good films/serials, I feel we are on an unscrupulous path. And I wonder; who these numerologists are? Are they linguists? And aren’t these blind beliefs of twenty first century?


Mani Karthik said...

I think it is, I must agree.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Stupidity discovered by numerologists and likes to make a living and they are succeeding :)

r4i said...

you make me confuse again...i am confuse with this kinda stuff. I am not believe in numerology but this kinda post make me able to think again.