Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Medical Alarm

It is said that old age is like a journey back to the childhood. Falling down, getting lost etc. which are atypical of childhood is common in old age as well. Hence old people also need the same attention that is given to an infant. But generally people tend to forget that.

Innovation in technology such as medical alarm helps people who are busy with their office work or other things to take care of their aged parents. One such, the fall alert detector, can be used inside the house and will alert the emergency personnel whenever the aged people happen to fall.

The GPS tracking bracelet having an in-built two way speaker phone can be used to find the old aged in case they get lost in the streets or backyard. Especially useful if the wearer is found wandering due to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Quite remarkable from the innovators who have used technology for the benefit of humanity!


rocksea said...

yes. they are much essential. am in italy now and my 83 year old landlady has a medical alarm.