Friday, September 09, 2005

hepta-wonderS galorE

Jiby and Geo tagged me for this quiz. I thank them coz it gave me an opportunity to retrospect my life and remember my goals :-))

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!
– write a book
– start a firm & eventually employ >1000 people
– adopt a girl child
– buy a naalukettu in Alappuzha, Keralam & own a house boat.
– conduct an exhibition of my drawings
– travel around the world eastwards (intentions: see the world; add one precious day to my life)
– meet Chacko at Amsterdam on 22. sep. 2013 (we planned this rendezvous on the cozy afternoon of 22. sep. 2003 at our 7th-floor-flat in Vashi, Mumbai, when we had nothing else to do, with entire Navi Mumbai below us as the witness; obviously with our spouses)

Seven things you can do!!
– slog for the exams
– start with my guitar & violin once again
– read Lord of the Rings
– travel through out India
– touch the acme of a pyramid
– write, draw and fool around
– lie on the green grass of Vellayani lake-side, looking at the night-sky

Seven things you can’t do!!
– i can’t complete things until it is the last minute
– i can’t say no to people
– i can’t succumb to an arranged marriage
– i can’t help myself from my laziness
– i can’t take things seriously
– i can’t see/talk with my ex-crushes
– i can’t help myself from calling my home and talk with my achan, amma and aniyan, once in a week.

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!
– foolishness - i like girls who are slightly stupid ;-)
– eyes
– simplicity (need not be traditional)
– childishness
– talents (nothing specific)
– gestures/expressions
– jealousy - innate virtue of women; like it in smaller doses.

Seven things you say most!!
– cool (aftermath of globalization/americanization)
– mayiru/shit (a few more are there in this genre; refraining due to excessive obscenity content)
– ethra vivaram undu (amma used to tell me this when i do something impish; in engineering i used the same phrase on my friends; it became an instant hit!)
– kidilam/great
– sala (and its different blends)
– what the fuck
– payye venam/thuppi/unners aayi – CET slang

Seven celebrity crushes!!
– elisha cuthbert (the girl next door)
– emmanuelle chriqui (100 girls)
– monica bellucci (malena, matrix, passion of the christ)
– meg ryan (you've got mail)
– kaavya madhavan (meesha madhavan)
– liv tyler (lotr)
– charlize theron (sweet novemeber, monster)

Seven + 1 people you want to take this quiz!!
dasan - my friend, dorm-mate, classmate
triplesix - i like her candid, confused way of writing ;-)
manu - his posts make me nostalgic; i live in the past
msdreams - the first ever person to appreciate my blog.
HnL - i curtsy at her experiences as a doctor...
poison - the confused (read as thinking) guy ;-)
niki - her pictures tell different stories, Japanese are brave. they live under threat from the mountains, oceans, skies and the land.
flutteringeyes - i like her narrative style of writing


Thulasi said...

adopt a girl child.
I will get a name for her.

silverine said...

Adopting a gal child is a noble deed indeed. But make sure you 'both' take that decision :)

Geo said...


silvy, you got him all wrong :_D

See, he is just trying to come to terms with the harsh reality that no gal will ever let him have her hand in marriage. So he is trying to be content with an adopted child. No noble deal and big stuff like that. Just a compulsion of the inevitable.

jithU, u started pulling mine, now get ready.... bhu ha ha ha ha

Thulasi said...

then I will get a girl first for jithu

MS said...

why not travelling westwards?!
And believe it or not I really enjoyed that story of urs about that rat. ;)

Jithu said...

> thulasi
if she doesnt have a name that time.. :-))

> silverine
ha ha.. she wud be so stupid that she will agree to it :-))

> geo
hmmm... arranged marriage was my only hope.. since i am against it, i think ultimately wt u said is gonna happen.. ;-))

> thulasi
u have double masters in arts?? just kidding.. ;-))

> ms
if i travel eastwards, i gain one day (around the world in 80 days - philius fog was able to finish the journey due to this). this is due to the different time-zones. when u r traveling in the direction of earth's rotation (earth rotates from west to east and as a result we see sun going east to west), u tend to gain time (relative motion). so when i complete on circle arnd earth eastwards, i can add a precious day in my life.

applying the same logic, if i travel westwards, i tend to lose one day..

btw, dont think that if one keeps on traveling around the earth eastwards, he will never die :-) the difference happens only in the dates on a calendar. ur actual age wont change :-))

hey ms, i hope u'll take that quiz :-)

Hima said...

Intresting indeed.

niki yokota said...

OMG~!? thank u sooo much!!(^o^);;
jithu likes foolish girl? ur lazy and can’t take things seriously?? same
i found ur very charming!

silverine said...

@Geo: Hey don't underestimate Jithu. He may have a suit of proposals waiting for him :))

Hope that comment was aimed at 'silverine'

Jiby said...

i will be lying sprawled on the vellayani lake-side with my friends, sipping toddy and just taking in the tranquility...this december!
great things u plan to be doing...i had half a thought that u wud be pissed with me for tagging!

venus said...

Interesting blog jithu. It was nice to know about u! will visit again.

Pradeep said...

One thing I dream of is watching the best of tennis from the centrecourt of Wimbledon. Another one: wandering aimlesslessly thru the lush greenery of Kerala's interiors.

Jithu said...

> hima
thnx yaar.. theory of relations.. hmm... :-)

> niki
:-) thnk u very much! :-) btw i can hope tht u'll take that test rt...

> silverine
hmm... thnx for supporting me.. but, suit of prpsl's 4 me.. hmmm.. btw annan (geo) one week leave eduthu naattil poyittundu.. enthinanennu daivathinu thanne ariyam ;-))

> jiby
hey even though i started with a bit of a hesitation, i really enjoyed doing it.. thnx man.. btw is it really true that u'll b there at vellayani-lake this december? coz there is a small chance that i too will be there that time..

> venus
thnx yaar.. sure u r always welcome.. btw nice pics of sania u got..

> pradeep
hey pradeep, how abt doing the entire quiz urself? tht wander-spree is a nice one.. once, a small gang of us set start from kochi to munnar, w/o any plannin or anythin bt only a direction sense.. it was one of the best journeys in my life..

Invincible said...

clear thoughts of a thoughtful mind :)

You like (slightly-)silly girls !!

n unless u never wanna come back, u are going to lose the one day that you gained by travelling eastwards. (also if u cross the Day-line). Anyway, leave this jargon, your idea is kewl :) I wud like to join too :D

Jiby said...

oh yeah...i will be there...dunno wht day at vellayani though...we shud meet up though someplace...i reach tvm on dec 9th and i leave on jan 2nd.

tangy said...

Good Lord u r just too much...

Jithu said...

> invinci
hmm... yup they do attract me ;-)
i will come back thru the other side of the earth (i go towards east, cross the date line, continue going eastwards and reach india from the west side; advantages of earth being round) sure u too can join in..

> jiby
thts cool! tentatively i wud b there in the second week of december.. not finalized yet.. bt yeah if i'm there, lets definitely meet.. and my house is near vellayani lake too.. :-)

> tangy
hmmm.. :-)

silverine said...

@jithu: LOL, it MUST be a PKC for your annan :))

Jithu said...

> silverine
hmm... :-))

Sonia said...

seems like loads of guys got a crush on charlize theron after seeing sweet november. hmm! why IS that?

>|' ; '| said...

@ sonia - charlize is so lovable in sweet november, and so helpless...and the world is powerless to help her.

@ jithu - will do! (try at least :) )
me confused? u got tht right bro!
thinking ? i dont think so :P

Jithu said...

> sonia
well, the reason is that we always wish that that film-like events shall happen in real life ;-) bt yeah she is so cute in that :-)

> poison
thinking gives way to confusion.. hence both... :-)

Sonia said...

and kavya madhavan?????? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuckk!

poison: no she is not helpless. not in the least. she is living life the way she wants to, and not just that, she is also making others do the same. if anyone was clueless about life and helpless, it was keanu. but he learnt in the end.

Jithu said...

> sonia
kavya madhavan.. chubby; hence a wonder... ;-)

btw i didnt like the last part of sweet november.. senti and stuff.. like those malayalam films in the 80s.. and hindi films in the 60s.. bt i liked the concept..

hope and love said...

adopting a girl child..!!
thats soooo sweeet.. adorable of u..

Jithu said...

> HnL

Praveen said...

Nice post! Adopt a girl child? Noble thought, really.

Jithu said...

> praveen

Brijesh said...

Where are you from? Just curious when you wrote you want "lie on the green grass of Vellayani lake-side, looking at the night-sky"

I am from Vellayani, that is why I asked. It is indeed great to sit near the lake during night time