Monday, January 09, 2006

How do I measure up?

I am pretty much engaged in a lot many things these days. One of its outputs can be seen in this blog a few days from now. Meanwhile here is something I did for kickassso a while back. He did this serious crime of tagging me for which he has to suffer now; by reading the following patiently. I know you people are also pained due to that but puhlease bear me and vent out all your feelings, if any, in his blog ;-)

An ideal child
10. Thou shall study your lessons daily and go to the best tuition centre in the town.
9. Thou shall listen to melodious Mallu and Hindi music. Your taste may go up to the extent of listening to pop songs like that of Westlife, BSB etc and like the songs liked by your peers. Hardrock and Metal are strict no-nos.
8. Thou shall see good mallu movies and hindi movies. Only the hyped up english movies shall be seen.
7. Sports and games are essential only in theory. Thou shall take part in it at your free time and your vacation.
6. Reading is a good habit. Only if you score a lot of marks in your studies and you have set aside some time for reading. Thou shall read only goody goody books or the hyped books in the media like Harry Potter.
5. Thou shall respect your teachers and follow every word they say and write notes and complete your assignments before everybody else.
4. Thou shall not swear and berate others. No drinking and smoking.
3. Thou shall follow your parents wishes and their fantasies. Thou shall study hard and score 90+ in Xth, 85+ in XIIth and 80+ for graduation.
2. Your aim should be to do well in entrance exams and get into Medical College or CET. Then the ultimate aim should be to get through your campus placements and secure a job. Write CAT as part of a fad.
1. Thou shall not fall in love. If you do make sure the girl is your caste, not poor etc. Marry a girl of the parents' choosing and have kids. Then raise the kids on the above principles.

How do I measure up?
10. Study? (Yes I wanna ask that first and then) Daily? You kidding me? I was a one day batsman till the last exam of engineering; one who comes into the field only on the previous day of the exam.
9. I don’t go for a band/film first and then its songs. It’s always the other way round. My likes span over a range of songs. From instrumentals when I am in good moods to heavy rock when I am in tension, but yes somewhere in between, I am a great fan of Eagles, GNR, MLTR, AR Rehman, Yesudas and Carnatic songs.
8. It's been ages that I saw a Malayalam movie. I watch all sorts of movies. Well, don’t stress the words ‘all sorts’ too much. ;-)
7. Kuttiyum Kolum was my favorite game until father Thomas banned it in the school. Then it was too late for me to venture into cricket and make a mark there and hence I settled down with football, particularly at the strategic location near the goal post, well, as a permanent goalie. Then I gave up that since the opposite team got good forwards. Sport was never my cup of tea dear. But yeah I can give anyone a tough time in Carroms, BadD and tennis, off-late.
6. There is a lot to be written on my reading experiences. The two library memberships I owned were frauded. I got memberships by saying that I am of a higher age than I actually was at the time of registrations.
5. Teachers are great. Notebooks are treasures. So I keep the same one for the entire year :-). How can I complete assignments before others do, when what I am gonna write is what others had written?
4. I have tried drinking and smoking. But don't know why people continue it as a passion. Couldn't understand the pleasures behind it quite well.
3. Ciao. Someone’s calling me on the phone. Be right back ;-) Ok I think here I lived up to my parents' expectations; if what they expected of me was less. Roughly I measured 0, -5 and -10 in this.
2. Thank God, I thought I was scared of seeing blood till I was in X (I joined II group and then shifted over to I group for that single reason) that I ended up in CET instead of MC. CAT: Yes I took it and then life was in hell. Till now I couldn’t get out from that shock and I don’t know whether I made the right decision or not! :-(
1. I’m sorry you caste, wealth, religion and all such nitty-gritty’s. I don’t believe in you, when it comes to marriage. You are bugs in the social system, preventing minds from getting together.
0. I know my parents are not gonna read this, else instead of writing this, I would've done what kickassso’s name says, to him for this tag. :-)


>|' ; '| said...

heh! come here and kick the kickies @$$!!! u can have my assistance for dat!

Geo said...

Point 2: stumped and shocked. :_S

silverine said...

@Poison: Do you hire out your services? I mean kicking certains a***s? There is this a**o who called me unhomely! I need his butt kicked real hard. Do let me know how much you charge! :))

@Jithu: You measure up really well Jithu. Looks like you had the courage and the conviction to follow your heart and come up trumps. Kudos!

Rockus said...

You measure up pretty well dude...
Nice to see so many perspectives on a half cracked rant I wrote...

Keshi said...

u measure up quite well to me :)


Divya said...

But pt. 2.....really?
Anyways was fun readin thru it..
n poison do lemme know wen u do this wonderful good deed for Jithu n Silverine :D
TC n enjoy,

aria said...

Hmm .. tag .. eh ? I'm kinda enjoying reading all sorta tags. This sure was good fun too.
Well done ;)

kickassso said...

what does this post have in common with a really good movie shown on HBO?

All the good bits are cut >:P

paavamanenna vichaaram... pakshe yevan....( you know the raayamanikyam dialog;;)!

btw, @ silverine...
There is this a**o who called me unhomely!



1. Not handsome or beautiful: plain, unattractive, uncomely, unlovely. Idioms: not much for looks, not much to look at, short on looks. See beautiful/ugly.

You STILL want to be called homely? my pleasure:P

silverine said...

@kickasso: I wasn't talking of the Eng. Dictionary but the more common meaning of unhomely as per MCP* parlance ;)

* consult Geo for further clarification :))

Jithu said...

> poison
i guess we can implement it. silver, what say? :p

> geo
yes it is!

> silverine

> rockus
yes it was a great tag. i enjoyed doing it though had to use scissors here and there as kickassso pointed out :p and yeah welcome to my blog!

> keshi
thanks yaar!

> divya
yup! :-)

> aria
hey y dont u take it?

> kickassso
that was another reason to go ahead with our plan, rt poison? :p

kick___so said...

:P cant kick my arse now:>

venus said...

this gives an indepth detail of your personality, beliefs, attitude. I guess, the purpose of these tags is to reveal yourself more, otherwise, in this e-world, u would never know what kind of personality a person has!

Matter of Choice said...

hey jithu...interesting tag and ur exp even more interesting


Jithu said...

> kick___so

> venus
hmm.. true, in a way :-)

> anish
thnx man.

Neets said...

hats off to you,man!i dont think i could have appreciated this article any other time than now.y? cos my folks are doing what resp malu parents would do and that is to find a bakra for me. u all cud guess from the way i write that the whole experiance -SUCKS!lookin at the way it is movin its close to impossible findin a guy who will just be nice enough to not label your choices while his would be, in his terms 'great'.let people do what they like rather than commentin on it. my music taste ranges from classical to rock spinkled with some hiphop and rap, now thats branded 'unbearable'. if you are a good boy or girl you shouldnt listen to that kind of music... right? i am open to listening to anything new... rt now listen to telugu which makes no sense to me but i still love listening to the song. rahi movies ki baath...i watch a lot of eng and malu movies, few hindi only if assured its worth the time. i would watch anything with sub titles as long as it was good. and then there is the fantastic astrology and caste,sub-caste, kulam, gothram that comes to play! just other means of dividing man! man, does all this get on my nerves. sorry about this blogsize comment. i had to let it all out somewhere. better off doing it in the infinite expanse called the net with complete strangers. thanks stranger. :)

Jithu said...

> neets
hey all the very best to u... yeah.. there is no language to music.. hey btw, y dont u take this tag? well, that u had done half here itself :p

Neets said...

oye, ye 'tag' kya hai? and hows the fest going so far? taking part in anything?

quills said...

You have done very well indeed! Your childhood memories brought back a few nostalgic memories of my own ,playing kuttiyum kolum with cousins at grandma's place. :)

BTW, I am working on Paheli, yet another new addiction I have developed it seems ( the other one is blogging, mind you) as I cannot do anything else until I obtain 'moksha'.

Jithu said...

> neets
u ought to respond to the questions in the tag.. :-) nopes am not takin part in anything. let others have a chance :-)

> quills
hey nice to know that.. yeah many ppl told me that paheli is addictive. let me wish u to attain moksha in that :-)