Wednesday, January 11, 2006


IIMA’s annual cultural event Chaos – Moskha hosts this online game, Paheli.

Based on the clues in a picture shown, one has to guess the answer to reach the next level. It is similar to IIM Indore’s Klueless.

Enjoy Gaming people! And yeah PLEASE spread the word around! :-)


hope and love said...

sure il pass it on to my boys..

Sreejith Narayanan said...

nice one.. i have not played games of these kind, except a couple of times in the net last year. so it is taking time. :D..
Looks like chaos is going to be a great cul fest. feel like coming there for the event, but it clashes with our cul fest saarang...

>|' ; '| said...

:_( these games are reducing my ego...

Jithu said...

> HnL
thnx doc. i hope they'll like it..

> sreejith
oh i see, saarang is also during the same time of the year!

> poison
for some in one way and for some in another. its all abt reducing egos :-)

Divya said...

I am publicising it allrite.......its in the must try section in my blog.......:-)
PS:I will get tat treat!:P

Neets said...

i i SIR!

Ardra said...

just to say hi Jithu :-)

Invincible said...

I m passing it on to my friends.

Is it the time you bid goodbye to the IIM?

Last couple of days IIMs are in news over the foreign collaboration issue :)

silverine said...

I am a couple of grey hairs more and a lot of grey cells less after trying this :(

Jithu said...

> divya
hey thnx for that mam! definitely, i owe u one. :p

> neets
hellow... welcome to uncertainty

> ardra
hey ardra..

i hope u dont mind me not visitin ur blogs these days. runnin thru a hectic schedule.

> invincible
thnx man.. yeah the clocks ticking.. hmm.. seems they are newsmakers! :p

> silverine
oh no... ninne ini aara kettuka? :p

Praveen said...

Jithu, precisely what I wanted to ask Silverine after reading her comment :-)

silverine said...

@Jithu and Praveen: Ok, so this what it takes to stay single? I am so happy !!! =))

venus said...

how is your paheli going? i saw, it's been designed by u! i didn't get past 3rd and then i was losing patience to read so many comments to get clue..

Jithu said...

> praveen
madam naaraz ho jayegi.. :-)

> silverine
and there u go.. :-)

> venus
paheli is going fine, at least according to the statistics.. two of us made it.. btw u dont need to go thru the comments to get thru.. let it be the last step.. :-)

kickassso said...

ninne ini aara kettuka?

kayarulla aarkum:P

gotta catch her first tho:D

kickassso said...

heck, marriage in malluland is one big cattle market anyway!

Arz000n said...

Nice one!!
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Now lemme think abuot how to steal more time and play it in office :)

tarni said...

Hi Jithu... i am sorry but you have been "tagged"...for more details kindly visit my Blog at ""...regards Tarni

Jithu said...

> kickassso
dey that was too good!! :p

> arzooon
urw :-) tell me hw u like it.

> tarni
hmm.. thts a gr8 way to start a friendship. i'll definitely do it :-)

silverine said...

You have been tagged !!!

Geo said...

dont u have anything new other than these stupid circles? no prizes for guessing that i cudnt even clear the first level..

check my latest post(s) :-D

silverine said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jithu said...

> silverine
if u say so :-)

> geo
oho! first level polum clear cheyyathe aano dicols adikkunnathu :p. dey checked those posts! entha parayuka..
viyogam atheeswara nishchayamenkilum
piriyaan kothikkatha maanasam kevalam
marthyane pulkatha swapnangal pole
kshana naswaram ennorkku george!!

> silverine
arinjathil khush hua! :-)