Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My Perfect Love

Thanks Tarni, Silverine, Quills and Divya for inviting me to do this wonderful tag where in I have to write 8 points about my perfect love.

Before I start,
Patni, where I worked, had a library and I happened to read this book borrowed from there whose title I don’t remember now. In the book, the author asks a lady her expectations about her lover. She says a lot of things like; he should be intelligent, smart, handsome, caring, tall, fair, rich and much more. When she was over with the long list, the author asked her a question. ‘Consider that you got a guy with all these qualities you have mentioned, what all will you give him in return?’ And she was answerless. I believe this is the same with men as well. I can’t expect anything from my lover which I can’t give back to her. Coz I know that I have limitations. Hence any of the following 8 points about my perfect lover is not sacrosanct.

1. She is simple in every aspects, be it in her dressing, be it in her talking, be it in her behavior or what ever it be.
2. When I look at her and see her smile, hear her speak, feel her touch, my entire stress, tension etc. come to an end.
3. She is dim-witted when I pull her legs, she is a mentor when I seek her advice and she is a solacer when I look for consolation.
4. I love the food she makes, not because she cooks it well, but because she serves it with love.
5. Every night, she tells me whatever little things happened in her day and I being more of a listener can thus do away with my talking.
6. She doesn’t stop me from anything I do because she believes in me and knows that I won’t do anything off beam.
7. She is candid and disparages me when I do wrong and encourages me when I do right. Her worries are my worries, her secrets are my secrets, her happiness is my happiness and she is mine.
8. Thinking about her reassures me that I have someone in this world for me that I can say anywhere with pride.


quills said...

Jithu, I am speechless. You have really captured the essence of a meaningful relationship. And truly it makes sense..after all marriage or any relationship for that matter is "give and take." What you have asked is not much, but in return if you can give the same its a lot. And so I wish you all the very best and hope that your perfect partner comes along your way some day soon.

Thanu said...

u r gonna make such a great husband.

silverine said...

Jithu, you are every woman's dream!!! You are willing to be an active partner in the relationship. That I think is the essence of any relationship.I second what Thanu says. You will make a great husband some day!

>|' ; '| said...

whoa! the ladies seem to be after ye!


Invincible said...

Wow !! that makes it 10 out of 10.
Dont be surprised if u get some stalkers :P

Nidhee said...

The essence of a woman has been captured with great beauty...... and also the fact that you must have a heart sensitive enough to notice them.

Geo said...

U sure u r talking abr ur dream girl or is it about your guardian angel?

Kudos to CB ;_)) ->

“Neha, I know I did all those things. But at one level, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t your Hari” I said. Obviously, I made no sense. But that is the thing with girls. Give them confusing crap and they fall for it.

Anoop MohanKumar said...

SON! will you marry me? .
*snif* *snif*

Karthika said...

U have written a very simply superb stuff.., Mind blowing Jithu.. u wud make a truly wonderful husband.

Divya said...

Very sweet....a bit too sweet!:P
Danke for taking up the tag!
u take care n all the best for finding her....looking at the comments seems like wont be too difficult for ya!:D

Achus said...

The (read THe)best list of eight I've read till date. I don't think anybody'll be able to come up with a better list of eight. Wow!! Just WOW!!!

kickassso said...




shall we auction off jithu then:>.... lets see if we know any aunties who want an *rather good* MBA groom:D!

aria said...

So Sweet - guileless . .lucid .. crisp ..
Quiet in contrast of my very own list tht I came up with :D

>|' ; '| said...

@ geo -

Thanu said...

Read mine...

venus said...

God bless you get what you are looking for!
there are still down to earth guys with non-fictious expectaions still existing!

Jithu said...

> quills
hey thnx!

> thanu
hmm.. :-)

> silverine
first i read "in ur dreams" :p

> poison
had it been the case :-(

> invincible
ha ha :-)

> nidhee

> geo
ha ha.. both, u knw :-)

> anoop
i'm straight :-)

> karthika

> divya
thnx to u too.. so u want me to search for her huh :-)

> achus
i'm overwhelmed!

> kickassso
yes there is an MBA smart-ass, whoz available :p

> aria
same pinch :-)

> venus
thnx mam!

dotty_pixie said...

those were lovely points!!i guess at the end of the day,all of us just want to have someone whom we feel comfortable with and who is our security blanket against the world..
hope you find her

milo said...

' I can’t expect anything from my lover which I can’t give back to her'..
gr8 thinking by gr8 men..

MS said...

necessary introduction.
simple but delicious

Hima said...

WOW!!!! Beautiful words, well expressed...

Praveen said...

8 well thought out points, i must say, I guess you must be every girl's dream guy after reading this one ;)

lost optimist..^!^ said...

wow..beautiful..ur girl is one lucky person..hope u find ur perfect someone..ciao

Jithu said...

> nivindya
thts absolutely true and thank u very much!

> milo
:-)) hmm..

> ms
ha ha..

> hima
thanx yaar :-)

> praveen
hmm.. i wish it happened. :p

> lost optimist
thank u madam :-)

MadV said...

Your perfect love seems to be very sweet. Someone everyone would love to deal with. All the very best to be a proud husband of that lucky lady.

Thulasi said...

nalla ezhuthukaran nalla bharthavayirikkanamennundo?

Anonymous said...

hey I havent' been to ur blog in a long time....

someone asked me the same question too....

but yes you are list is very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

btw, that person above is me


Jithu said...

> madv
hmm.. lets see. thnx!

> thulasi
samshayamundo? :p

> fluttering eyes
hey thnx yaar. even i hvnt been to ur blog in a long time. hope u r doing fine!

sajini said...

wow.. simple yet loving thoughts!! Thanks for sharing it with the world...

Jithu said...

> sajini
hmm.. :-) urw!

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